West Welcome Wagon (WWW) is a team of 200+ core volunteers run by volunteer managers. WWW currently assists over 500 households of asylum seekers from over 30 different countries. WWW primarily provides material aid (good quality donated items) directly to asylum seekers in Melbourne’s West e.g furniture, bedding, clothing, children’s toys, appliances and kitchenware.


Asylum seekers have fled homeland conflict and are seeking protection in Australia. They are classified differently to refugees and their aid rights are less. 
The majority of asylum seekers that we assist are on Bridging Visas, with limited work rights and an income below that of the lowest Centrelink pension. Most have absolutely nothing when we meet them.
Take a look here to see our Client Eligibility Policy.


We receive referrals directly from government funded Case Managers
(Red Cross, AMES, Life Without Barriers); from word of mouth; and from allied agencies such as Hobsons Bay Refugee Network Inc.

Want to get involved? You can volunteer with us or donate much needed funds.
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Since its humble beginnings in 2013, WWW has grown from strength to strength. WWW strives to be equitable, responsive, collaborative, sustainable, and respectful.
Read our Vision & Goals and check out our latest exciting development, securing a warehouse.

Other WWW Special Projects also include:

  • English language tutoring
  • ‘Warm Homes, Warm Hearts’
  • Welcome Warmth
  • Veggie Wagon
  • Emergency food relief
  • Community connectedness


“I really touched by what the Australian people like you and family doing for us. This is exemplary of the generosity of a great community like West Welcome Wagon. Thank you so much and May God bless you. Have a lovely coming Holy Days!”

“Twenty five years ago in Iran I was born. Iran is such a beautiful country with very rich culture and history. People care about education and well being. But everything changes when it comes to our government. I don’t want to give you a headache by telling you what our people has passed through in last 35 years. But each Iranian who left the country had political or religious reason. So here I am. An Asylum seeker for almost 18 months. Being that hasn’t been easy. I stayed in a detention center, being called by just a number. My family and I have passed so many hard days. We left our home and family behind and started from nothing here. Thank you all for your wagons, for all the little things that you do for people like me. You are all in my heart whenever I open my fridge or ride my bike. I can feel your support when I open my pantry and decide what to cook for dinner. You are all so inspirational and awesome. You make these days much easier for us. I want to make sure you know we see your kindness and support and please be sure that kindness doesn’t lost, it just comes back to you and your life. You are all simply beautiful and perfect. I hope you all enjoy your holidays and have an amazing 2015.”